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These rhagdolls are made for imaginary play!
They remain simple, not lost in detail,
retaining a distinct appearance,
whether peasant or noble.

Princess locked in a tower,
or a gal at a barn dance.
Pirates a sea, Fairies in the garden.

The 15" rhagdolls currently come in 8 styles:
Sally Wags and Pirates
Princesses and Bumpkins
Fairies and Hobbits.
Lassies and Wee Scotsmen.

All my rhagdolls are named,
signed and dated.
No two are ever the same.

For info on current stock,
or how to order something special,
click here to email Trese for more details,

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Sally Wags ~ Grace O'Malley and Crew

Wearing pantaloons, corset, chemise and scarf.
Because girls, too, can be pirates!


Pirates ~ Cap'n Black Jack

Pint sized privateers, plunders and rogues!


Princesses ~ Penda

not your usual damsel in distress.




  Bumpkins ~ Ixy

Be she a girl from the country
or a gal about towne.



Lassies ~ Chantal

Celtic lassies, from the shores of the Emerald Isle
to the Isle of Skye!






Scotts ~ Uillem

A wee laddie in his kilt,
striding 'cross the heath and heather.



Hobbits ~ Griffo Gamidge

Half-ling, from his curly hair
right down to his furry toes!





Prices subject to change without notice!

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