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I designed these rhagdolls to be small but not too small,
something a little hand can hold on to.
Little simple slips of dolls with untold imaginary play.
Something even for those still children in their hearts.

Whether you need a good first doll, or a bit silliness for a stocking stuff, and plenty in between, you may well find it here.  Now go play down the page!

See below for all the little bits of imagination.
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  MAIDS ~ pretty maids all in a row
 11" doll wearing a simple dress of 100% cotton with top knot of yarn hair

A good first doll.

The whole doll, dress and all,
can be machine washed

to order: email with choices of:
'gingerbread' or 'sugar cookie'
usually pink, lavender, yellow, green, blue



BOYOS ~ Scottish action figures  

11" doll sporting a kilt of 100% cotton plaid.
A top knot of yarn hair. 

to order: email with choices of:
'gingerbread' or 'sugar cookie'
basic kilt color: 
usually green, blue, red, black

Sorry, clan tartans are not currently available due to the expense. I can make a clan BOYO  if you can provide a wee scrape of your tartan.


  PLAIDS ~ wee hands full

12" doll of 100% cotton plaids.

these make great baby shower gifts!

I made the arms and legs longer to be  perfect little hand holds. dolls are machine sewn to make it less destructible. child approved, Labrador tested!
Toss-it-in-the-washer safe

to order: email with a basic color preference:
usually pink, blues, greens, and reds


  GIGGLETS ~ for no other reason than silliness!

12" doll of 100% cotton with a top knot of
satiny ribbons and micro rick~rack.

this whole doll nonsense was found in a shoe box of old rick rack: brown, orange, violet, teal.  so 70's!
what's a doll maker to do?

tee!  hee!

to order: email with a basic color preference:
usually purple, hot pink, ruby red, bright green,
and ohhh-la-la teal!


  ...every time bells ring,
get their wings...

12" doll of 100% green cotton with
fabric flowers worn like hats.
Each Fairy has a jingle-bell and ribbons.

to order: email with a basic color floral preference:
usually pink, purple, yellow or blue flowers,
dependant on what is available.
(these two currently unavailable)

Not currently available

... there's no place like gnome!
...a garden variety gnome!
...hanging with my gnomies!
...the human G-gnome project!
...gnome, gnome on the range!

10" from toe to tippy pointy hat top!
complete with winter white beard!

...and for the life of me I could not come up with a pun for gnomenclature!

to order:  email  with doll preference:
blue or red coat


An adventure in coloring

I loved coloring books as a kid.  Still do.  My mom sends me one for Christmas still.  I wanted to create images that were based both on my dolls and on the renaissance faire villages.

14 pages to color! Including a Queen and her knight playing at chess, a Princess reading, a Pirate with a treasure map, villagers dancing round the May Pole, a Fairy, Highlanders and musicians singing for their supper (here).

Center stapled, professionally printed, card stock cover.

to order: email me.



Just add imagination

Includes hand-made 11" doll
basic dress pattern and instructions,
7 pieces of mixed fabric:2 the size of the dress,
two mini spools of thread, needle and pins, buttons, ribbon and yarn. neatly contained in a zip-lock bag.

Great mom and daughter project, or a gals book club alternative.  We did pizza and red wine for hours of hootenanny fun!

to order: email  with doll preference: 'gingerbread' or 'sugarcookie'.



Prices subject to change without notice!

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