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All rhagdolls are unique, and these commissions are even more so.  They were made to reflect a person, a persona, reflecting an actor's or player's other self.  Ideas given me by others inspire me, often taking me in a direction I might not otherwise have gone.

How to order one of these dolls: I work from photographs, front and back.  We then talk details, what stands out: 24 teeny buttons, a cross make of twigs, patch work.  Then color/fabrics: if you have scraps from your garb, fantastic, otherwise I will choose the best possible alternate. When recreating an icon or a long lost toy: I need an image of what you envision, and I go from there, we may volley emails/calls.  Orders will take 4 to 12 weeks depending if I'm at Show.  Prices start at $85, shipping is $13.

Need a 'mini me'?  Have an idea?  A person to immortalize?
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    The Faire Godmother  
  Bob, Lord Patches ~ 2005

my first year at Scarborough, two weekends. I was fortunate with my neighboring vendors, and the cast and crew helpful, the crowds fantastic! somewhere in the insanity that is the studio I have another picture, and yes his sleeves do hang to his knees!


Fauna Follywall ~2009

the Village Bee Keeper! I loved the cream stripe on her brown underskirt!  this is the kind of detail I love to put onto a doll! more fun with bias tape. I went in search of a bee button for the straw hat.


  Gertrude Lowe ~2008

Dirty Gertie Professional Groveler.  Be ye ware of the mud fairy kisses!
I painted colored blocks on the doll's bodice to mimic 'Gertie's' patch worked one. the only problem with the doll was that it came out much too clean.


Phryre Bob ~ 2005

I named him Phyre Robert, Bob calls him "Er" as he's a small fry... er. Groan!  I so loved Bob's cross made of tree limbs that his likeness had to have one as well, and added a walnut shell buckle to complete the earthy feel that is this fellow. 

  Lord of the Horse ~ 2008

His father was Captain of Calais, but the son, Nicholas, would became the King’s Lord of the Horse. I was generously sent scraps from his costume, making the resemblance even more striking.


  Hey Nunnie, Nunnie ~ 2009

she sings!  she tells jokes! she cracks me up! habit forming!
Reverend Mother Redempta
A couple of well worn linen shirts made her habit work so well.  she loved the extra long sleeves and uber lacey bloomers!

  Feo, the Gypsy ~ 2008

the first thing I noticed was the waves of color that danced around the skirt's hem. how best to replicate that without making myself nuts?
Gypsies will twirl in '11, with silk scraps dancing at the hem, remnants from the making of Buddhist robes!

  Father Patrick Harris ~ 2007

"24 silver buttons! You want them all?" Alas, only 13 buttons would fit.
This one was a joy to make.  For the man who stood out in an utter
down pour and told the story of the ark to a booth full of wet patrons.  Beyond a days work. Huzzah!

  Knife Guys ~ 2008

There is a father-and-son team at Scarborough Faire, who throw knives at each other all day, for the entertainment of the populace.
When they asked me to make dolls of them, I looked closely at their costumes. I was relieved to find no holes punched in them!

  Lorie Gunn ~ 2007

I met this lady and her wee lass, with her own matching doll, in Michigan. A singer of song, a wonderfully warm person, cheer on a dark, damp and dreary weekend. The way her lace edged bloomers peeked when she walked caught my eye, so I went lace happy.

  Russian Sailor ~ a child's doll lost

a woman tells the story of WWII, and of a child's comfort, her doll, lost.  she asks if I can make one for her 80 year old mother-in-law.  there is no image, no recollection.  we chose an image, and I went from there.  this is the the doll I am most proud of.  to be able to bring a childhood memory back to life, back to the child:  PRICELESS!



Even the rich and\or famous aren't immune! One of Cleveland's icons. A lady walks up to me at a show, 'If my husband wants a  doll, if he asks tell him no!'  i'm thinking 'weellll, OK!???'  She surprised him with it!
Getting the frizzed-end hair was half shaving and half pulling it apart.  The slogan buttons on his lab coat was the crowning point.

  Taras Razin ~ Folsom Faire 2001 ~ The First SIG

love a challenge!  I had seen Cossack costuming.  But the thought of making it THAT small... The drawing was all I had to work from.
This one was all about the detail... lamb sheerling cap, booth and gloves, wool coat embroidered in silk, and a little Bling.  


Coming soon!  Another new doll!  Is it you?





   If you'd like more info on Special Interest Group rhagdolls, contact Trese.

The fine print: 
Dolls are never a true double, but I endeavor to find that one detail that makes these 'Special Interest Group' dolls true to their owners. 
Also, these dolls are SOLD, gone, bye. I can make something similar, but I would rather make you something unique.

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