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my favorite stops along the information superhighway

Jakes Toys ~ wonderfully hand made wooden stick puppet.

Ladye Fayre Dolls ~ Sarah Dunlap, maker of the finest art dolls.

Something Else Studio ~ cloth bags ornamented with the greatest of detail.

Art of Fire ~ Foster Holcombe, American art glass studio.  seen on CNN.

91.3 the summit ~ this is what rocks the doll studio.

Spin Cycle Yarns  ~ hand spun yarn with a sense of humor and a sense of 'green'.

Yarn Exchange ~ where I buy all my Lambs Pride Yarn.  great service!

Britex ~ the Valhalla of fabrics.  they have everything.  my first stop in San Francisco.

Discount Fabric Warehouse ~ labyrinthine adventures in fabric excavation.

Kerrville Folk Festival ~ where I met Peter Yarrow and Floyd Red Crow Westerman.

Scarborough Faire ~ deep in the heart of Texas: Henry VIII, crafts and music.

Maryland Renaissance Festival ~ the finest renaissance festival in the country.

Dougie McLean ~ my favorite Scottish singer and songwriter.

Kristine Jackson ~ Cleveland's best blues artist.  Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday all in one.

Specht's Store and Restaurant ~ tell Kate Hello!  great food, folks, music and sunsets.

The Museum of Childhood ~ toys and dolls by the score! a great find on the Royal Mile.

Etsy ~ the place on line to buy hand made craft and art.

McNay Art Museum ~ the loveliest in San Antonio, where first I saw Diego Rivera's work. 

The Cable Car Museum ~ a little known, hard to find, well worth it, treasure.

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